Israel sends warning to Syria via the Kremlin: ‘Don’t hurt Syria’s civilians’

Israel has warned the Assad regime not to carry out a massacre of Syria’s civilian population in southern Syria, Channel 12 TV reported.

By: World Israel News Staff

Israel called on Syria’s Assad regime via the Kremlin not to massacre the civilian population as it consolidated its control over southern Syra, according to a report Monday night by Channel 12 News.

Israel is reportedly keeping its eye on the area and has carried out reconnaissance operations in an attempt to prevent the wholesale killing of Syrian civilians at the hands of Assad’s troops and forces like Hezbollah that are fighting with Assad, noted the TV news report.

As the Assad regime, with Russian and Iranian aid, re-consolidates its control over southern Syria along Israel’s northern border for the first time since the outbreak of the civil war seven years ago, there is a real concern in Israel that Assad’s forces will take advantage of the situation to carry out large-scale killings of the civilian population.

Over the years, since the civil war broke out in Syria, Israel provided humanitarian relief effort to keep thousands of Syrians along the border from starving or falling ill due to lack of food and basic medical care.

Israel has treated thousands of people in field hospitals on the border and in public hospitals, mostly in northern Israel, since 2013.

Known as “Operation Good Neighbor,” in the past two years over 600 Syrian children, accompanied by their mothers, have come to Israel for treatment. Hundreds of tons of food, medical equipment and clothing have also been sent across the border to Syria.

Last week, the IDF, at the request of Western countries, evacuated about 800 “White Helmet” rescue workers from Syria to Jordan via Israel.

“The transfer of the refugees via Israel was carried out as an unusual humanitarian gesture, and they were transferred from Israel to a neighboring country,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said in a statement, adding that Israel “does not intervene with the inner-fighting in Syria and continues to see the Syrian regime as responsible for all actions within Syria.”