IDF rescues injured Syrian orphans, provides humanitarian aid

The IDF brought into Israeli territory at least 6 wounded Syrians, with soldiers providing first aid before before moving the refugees to an Israeli hospital.

By: World Israel News Staff

The Israeli military provided medical aid to six wounded Syrians, four of whom were reportedly newly-orphaned youth ranging from 6-years-old to 14. The refugees were brought into Israeli territory for immediate treatment at a local hospital on Friday night.

The army described the maneuver as a “unique and complex medical operation,” reported Times of Israel.

The six admitted refugees were injured during Syrian dictator Bashar Assad’s onslaught on southwestern Syria. While the Syrian civil war has dragged on for years, Assad has made major gains as of late with Russia’s assistance, regaining territory from rebel groups that oppose his brutal dictatorship.

The transfer on Friday night was the product of communication between local Syrian leaders and contacts in Israel, who arranged to take the injured into the Jewish state for treatment. According to the IDF, the majority of the injuries were sustained from shrapnel, and included a serious head injury, a stomach wound, and wounds to the legs.

The medical operation on Friday night follows the ongoing Operation Good Neighbor initiative carried out by the IDF, through which Israel provides emergency medical treatment to injured Syrians.

Israel has also provided massive amounts of humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees, including a shipment late Thursday night of 300 tents, 13 tons of food, 15 tons of baby formula, medical equipment and 30 tons of clothing to the Golan Heights border.

Syrians began arriving in this location following the Assad regime’s assault on the Daraa province at the end of the week, which has displaced tens of thousands of Syrians. Syria’s border with Israel remains an attractive location for refugees to seek shelter based on the Assad regime’s reticence to carry out operations near the Jewish state for fear of reprisal from the IDF.