Iran threat looms despite fake missile test, Israel warns

While evidence mounts that Iran misrepresented their recent missile test, Israel reminds the world that the Islamic Republic remains a danger to the free world.

After a Trump administration official exposed a purported Iranian ballistic missile launch last weekend as a fraud, additional evidence has surfaced confirming that the Islamic Republic did not in fact carry out a test. Among the tip-offs that the test was fake was the lack of telltale electronic signals, which would have been picked up by US assets in the region had a ballistic missile launch actually taken place.

On Monday, the Israeli defense establishment confirmed that that Jewish state’s intelligence also did not observe any indications that Iran had actually tested a Khorramshahr ballistic missile, according to the Jerusalem Post. When operational, such missiles can carry multiple warheads and have a range of 2,000 km.

While Iranian state broadcaster IRIB carried portrayed footage of the launch as current video from an on-board camera, Fox News reported that the video was more than seven months old. Fox‘s sources were two US officials who identified the video as a failed launch in January.

Setting aside the veracity of the footage, Israeli officials have issued stern warnings regarding Iran’s nuclear ambitions and its unwavering mission to arm and fund terrorist groups on Israel’s borders.

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Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman called Iran’s recent actions “not just a provocation and an act of defiance” in the face of US, Israel, and other allies, but “also further proof of Iran’s aspirations to become a world power and to threaten not just the Middle East but all the countries of the free world.”

Foreign Ministry Director-General Yuval Rotem also warned that the Islamic Republic is “directly challenging the international community,” making “a robust response … imperative,” the Jewish Press reported.

By: World Israel News Staff