Israel will ‘maintain freedom of action,’ regardless of Biden softening on Iran

“Israel will maintain freedom of action in any case, with or without an agreement,” the prime minister stated.

By World Israel News Staff

Apparently responding to the Biden administration’s softening position on Iran, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett affirmed that Israel is building up its military strength.

“The greatest threat against the State of Israel is Iran. As the government, we are responsible for dealing with the Iranian nuclear program and, of course, we are monitoring the Vienna talks,” Bennett said at his Sunday morning cabinet meeting.

On Friday, the Biden administration, which has been working to revive nuclear talks with the Islamic regime, restored some sanctions relief to Iran.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir said that the move was welcome but insufficient.

“Our position is well-known and clear,” Bennett told his cabinet. “An agreement – according to the apparent terms – will damage the ability to deal with the nuclear program.

“Whoever thinks that an agreement will increase stability – is mistaken. It will temporarily delay enrichment but all of us in the region will pay a heavy, disproportionate price for it,” he stated.

“In recent weeks,” the prime minister continued, “precisely during the negotiations, Iran is increasing its aggression and repeatedly using terrorism in the region, as you all have seen. This is how you conduct negotiations, Tehran-style.

“We are currently closing gaps and building up Israel’s military strength for years and even decades to come. Israel will maintain freedom of action in any case, with or without an agreement.

“Every knowledgeable investor knows that investing in the Iranian regime, in the Iranian economy, is an unwise investment in both the long and intermediate terms.”