Israeli air force retaliates for balloon bomb in Gaza

Israel’s air force hit several Hamas targets in Gaza following an incident in which a terrorist balloon bomb exploded and damaged a home in Israel.


Israel Air Force (IAF) fighter jets and helicopters on Wednesday night struck a number of Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip in response to the explosive balloons that were launched from Gaza earlier tonight, one of which exploded and damaged an Israeli home.

The front window of an Israeli home was shattered by explosives attached to balloons that were launched from Gaza.

Terrorists in Gaza have been launching balloons like these for almost a year.

The IDF said “it views with severity any attempt to harm the citizens of Israel, and will continue to act forcefully” against such attempts.

“The Hamas terror organization bears the responsibility for everything that emanates from the Gaza Strip and for all consequences of acts of terrorism originating from the Gaza Strip,” the IDF added.

The window of an Israeli home shattered by a balloon bomb, Feb. 28, 2019. (IDF)