Israeli Air Force strikes Hamas positions in Gaza

The IAF attacked Hamas positions in Gaza late Saturday in response to the infiltration of four Palestinians into Israeli territory.

By: World Israel News Staff

The IDF struck several Hamas targets in Gaza Saturday night in response to continued violence at the border fence and the infiltration of four Palestinians into Israeli territory.

“A short while ago, IDF troops identified 4 Palestinian suspects who infiltrated Israel from the southern Gaza Strip and set a tire on fire. IDF troops arrived at the scene and fired towards the suspects, who fled back into the Gaza Strip,” an IDF spokesman tweeted at around noon on Saturday.

“The suspects stayed in Israeli territory for about a minute. During the infiltration, the suspects hurled a firebomb that burst into flames & placed a tent with the caption- “The March of the return. Returning to the lands of Palestine,” he added in a separate tweet.

The incident occurred in the morning in a continuation of the violent Hamas-led “March of Return” protests that began March 30 at the security fence separating Israel from the Gaza Strip. The infiltrators damaged the fence.

The Israeli Air Force struck Hamas targets the southern Gaza Strip late Saturday evening.

“The IDF views with great severity the daily attempts of the Hamas terrorist organization to strike at security infrastructure in Israeli territory while threatening the security of both residents and soldiers,” read the IDF statement.

The IDF “is determined to continue to carry out the defensive missions to ensure security for the citizens of Israel. The Hamas terror organization is solely responsible for what is happening in and out of the Gaza Strip, and it will bear the consequences for the terrorist acts being carried out from Gaza against the citizens and sovereignty of Israel,” it added.