Israeli drone tech solves British airport crisis

Israeli drone-detection technology played a crucial role in resolving a major crisis at a British airport.

By Joseph Wolkin, World Israel News

Israeli technology played a crucial role in resolving a major crisis at a British airport.

London Gatwick, the second largest airport in Britain and less than 30 miles away from London, shut down for over 36 hours on Wednesday and Thursday due to drone sightings by the runways.

“More than 750 flights were canceled and 124,000 passengers were affected. The incident ended with no casualties or damage to property, but cost tens of millions of dollars to airlines and passengers,” CTech website reports.

Thanks to drone-detection technology from Israel defense contractor Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., the airport was able to ensure that it was safe to fly and reopened for air traffic. Rafael sells its system under the brand name Dome Drone, which can “detect, track and potentially neutralize drones flying in no-fly areas,” CTech reports.

In August, the British Army purchased six of the company’s anti-drone systems for over $25 million, which it uses to stop ISIS UAVs in Syria.

Israel is widely known for its anti-drone technology, which it uses against potential drone attacks by its northern border.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. is one of the nation’s top international contractors when it comes to anti-drone technology. In this case, Britain used its Drone Dome, which detects, tracks and can also neutralize a drone flying in areas that they aren’t permitted to do so.

It has been illegal in the U.K. to fly drones within one kilometer of an airport since July 30.