Israeli envoy to UN: ‘Want a ceasefire? Call Hamas leader Sinwar’

The demand for a ceasefire passed as 153 countries voted in favor, 10 voted against, including Israel and the United States, and 23 abstentions.

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

Following  a United Nations General Assembly vote to demand Israel stop its military campaign in Gaza, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan responded by holding up a sign with a telephone number and saying, “For a Ceasefire call +970 599373765 and ask for Yahya Sinwar.”

Yahya Sinwar is the leader of the Hamas terror group and the mastermind behind the October 7th massacre.

Ambassador Erdan was responding to a United Nations General Assembly vote demanding an immediate ceasefire.

The demand passed as 153 countries supported the measure, 10 voted against it, including Israel and the United States, and there were 23 abstentions.

The UN General Assembly called the emergency vote to address “the grave concern over the catastrophic humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip and the suffering of the Palestinian civilian population.”

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According to the Hamas-ruled Gaza Ministry of Health, the death toll in Gaza stands at 18,000, with 90% of the Gazan population displaced. However, Hamas’ numbers have been taken at face value, and no independent body has verified them.

In addition, the ceasefire made no mention of the fact that Hamas has placed its civilians in harm’s way by storing its ammunition and firing missiles close to schools, mosques, and hospitals.

The phone number that Ambassador Erdan provided appears to have been disabled or the phone was turned off.

When Gil Tamari, a Channel 13 journalist, attempted to call it and received only a voice mail.

Tamari left a voice mail, saying, “Yahya Sinwar, if I reached you and this is your number, you’d better surrender and give back the hostages.”

In response to Erdan’s action at the UN, the Hamas terrorist organization released Ambassador Erdan’s phone number, and as a result, he has received abuse and threats to his family.

A series of threats come from an Indonesian number, with a voice saying, “Hi, why did you try and say this is the number of our leader?”

After a pause, the voice says, “We will kill you and your family shortly.”

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