Israeli farm owner in Hebron region faces increasing assaults

Security forces were summoned to the scene, but the attackers are said to have escaped.

By World Israel News staff

An Israeli farm owner at Mitzpe Yair in the Hebron Hills area was beaten with a club, sustaining blows to the head, in an attack allegedly carried out by Arabs, according to the 0404 news website. The man was lightly injured.

Security forces were summoned to the scene. The attackers are said to have escaped.

Rescuers Without Borders, a voluntary emergency medical organization, says that leftists and Arab activists have recently started coming to the farm to “arouse provocations” and that the owner was lightly hurt last month when hit by stones.

Elsewhere in Judea and Samaria, Israeli security forces arrested two Arabs in Samaria, near Har Bracha, according to 0404. The two allegedly had a knife and pistol in their possession.

A preliminary investigation is said to reveal that the two had carried out a large-scale armed robbery in the Shechem (Nablus) area and fled from Palestinian police until nearing the Har Bracha community, where they were captured by Israeli security forces.