IDF arrests 10 Palestinians in connection with murder of rabbi

Israel’s security forces work around the clock to catch those responsible for carrying out terror attacks.  

IDF forces arrested 10 Palestinians on Sunday night in connection with last month’s terror attack in which Rabbi Michael Mark, 48, was murdered and his wife was seriously wounded.

The IDF said in a statement that the suspects are residents of the Palestinian town of Durah, from which Mohammed Pakia, the Hamas terrorist who pulled the trigger in the deadly attack, came.

Several of the terror suspects are related to the terrorist.

They were arrested on charges of assisting in the terror attack and providing the terror cell with weapons.

This overnight counter-terrorism operation follows last week’s successful operation in which IDF forces killed Pakia and captured his accomplices.

Mark, a father of 10 from Otniel near Hebron, was murdered and his wife was severally wounded on July 1 when a Hamas terror cell shot at their car. Another two family members were wounded.

The attack took place during the last days of Ramadan, and immediately followed the murder of 13-year-old Hallel Yaffa Ariel by a Palestinian terrorist in her bedroom. Mark’s death is the most recent in the ongoing Palestinian wave of terror. Since October 2015, 39 people have been killed in Palestinian terror attacks and some 500 have been wounded.

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By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News