Israeli forces make drug bust worth millions on Egyptian border

The suspects tried to smuggle tens of kilos of drugs worth some NIS 2 million from Egyptian territory into Israel.


Israeli forces were successful in thwarting a drug smuggling operation on the border with Egypt, at the end of which they seized tens of kilos of drugs worth some NIS two million.

IDF lookouts identified on Tuesday night a number of suspects who tried to smuggle drugs from Egyptian territory into Israeli territory, in the area of the Paran regional brigade.

IDF troops operating in the area thwarted the smuggling and seized a number of bags containing drugs with an estimated value of two million shekels that were transferred to the Israel Police.

Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Naaman Heller, who commanded the forces, lauded the “successful and significant thwarting, thanks to the alertness of forces and quality preparation for this type of event.”

Israeli forces periodically clash with smugglers on the border with Egypt, a major smuggling route for drugs, weapons and women into Israel.

An IDF soldier was lightly injured Friday night while thwarting a drug smuggling operation on Israel’s border with Egypt.

IDF troops operating to thwart a drug smuggling operation on the Egyptian border found themselves in the vicinity of a violent exchange of fire between the smugglers and the Egyptian army.

An IDF vehicle in the area was hit in the shooting. An IDF soldier who was in the vehicle was lightly injured in the hand by shrapnel and was evacuated for medical treatment at a hospital.

The smuggling from Egypt into Israel is mostly the work of local Bedouin tribes.