Israeli Jewish woman dressed as Palestinian stages terror attack in attempted suicide

The woman was shot and wounded after she tried to stab soldiers stationed at the Tapuah junction.

By World Israel News Staff

An Israeli woman was shot and injured after attempting to stab soldiers in Samaria on Friday evening, in what appeared to be a suicide attempt, the IDF reported.

The woman, who was dressed as a Palestinian, approached troops stationed at the Tapuah junction and tried to stab them, prompting the soldiers to open fire to neutralize the threat, the IDF said. She was shot in her lower body and was subsequently taken to a hospital in moderate condition. No IDF personnel were injured during this incident.

The incident occurred amid a backdrop of heightened tensions in the area following a series of fatal Palestinian terror shootings, including one in Eli, 6 miles from Tapuah Junction, which claimed the lives of four people on Tuesday.

Friday’s incident at Tapuah Junction comes weeks after a similar case involving a young Israeli woman, Livnat Green, who was shot dead at a checkpoint last month in an apparent “suicide by cop” scenario.

Green was shot dead by IDF troops after she ran at soldiers at the Metzadot Yehuda checkpoint in the south Hebron hills, waving an airgun while dressed head to toe in black, including a hijab, and yelling “Allahu Akbar”, arabic for God is great.

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Prior to the incident, the young woman appeared to make her intentions clear to a friend over WhatsApp.

“If someone wants to die, an ordinary Jew, an Israeli, wearing Arab clothes, runs with a fake airsoft gun toward a checkpoint in the territories, shouts Allahu akbar because he wants to be shot because he wants to die, and then they only get shot in the legs and he stays alive, do you [put] them in prison for that? And if so, for how long and for what charge?” she asked the friend, who then reported their conversation to authorities about an hour and a half before the incident.

However, the news did not reach that particular checkpoint in time. “She sent me a picture of her wearing a hijab and a picture of a gun and asked me what would happen if she was only shot in the legs, I didn’t know if she was serious but I said I would report anyway,” the friend told Channel 12 news.

“She told me she was on the bus and going to the checkpoint to carry out an attack and go kill herself,” he said.

“I said I wouldn’t take any chances and called the police, I sent them the photo she sent me an hour and a half before the attack. Maybe her life could have been saved,” he added.

The incident occurred amid heightened tensions after the IDF killed three senior leaders of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization.

Green, who suffered from mental health issues, had once been taken in by former prime minister Naftali Bennett and his family.