Israeli news anchor sparks firestorm by saying Jewish mourner’s prayer in connection to Netanyahu

A Channel 12 news anchor quoted from the Jewish prayer for the dead in reference to Netanyahu’s career.

By World Israel News Staff

Channel 12 News anchor Oded Ben-Ami found himself the brunt of criticism after he said a line from the Mourner’s Kaddish, the Jewish prayer traditionally said in memory of the dead – only he did so in connection with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s career.

Ben-Ami made his remarks in a discussion with the channel’s political commentator Amnon Abramovich on his Wednesday broadcast.

After Abramovich said, “Anyone who intends to run once the Netanyahu era is over wants to make sure that the Netanyhau era is over.”

Ben-Ami answered him with a refrain from the Kaddish: “Speedily and soon; and let us say, Amen.”

The Likud party tweeted, “Amnon Abramovich and Oded Ben-Ami are not even trying to hide their hatred of Prime Minister Netanyahu – and today he is saying Kaddish live. Imagine what would happen if someone on the Right said Kaddish about one of the Left’s leaders. They have no shame anymore.”

Ben-Ami tweeted in response: “Following the reactions to my comments on my program this evening, I clarify that I was summarizing the comments of Amnon Abramovich – who said that there may be those who want the era after Netanyahu to come soon – with the words ‘speedily and soon; and let us say, Amen,’ which are the translation of Amnon’s words.

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“Any other interpretation of this statement is misplaced, and I do not attach to my words any hidden intentions. I wish the Prime Minister longevity and good health,” he tweeted.