Israeli police arrest suspect for throwing firebomb at Jewish home in Lod

The arrests were related to a terror attack on Thursday night during which assailants threw several firebombs at Jewish homes in Lod.


On Saturday, the Police arrested one of the terrorists who threw Molotov cocktails at several Jewish houses in the city of Lod in the center of the country on Thursday night.

A number of terrorists threw several firebombs at Jewish homes on Thursday night. The families quickly extinguished the fire, and no injuries or damage were caused in the attack.

The arrested terrorist is an Arab resident of the city. Further arrests are expected.

This attack was the latest in a series of attacks perpetrated by Arabs against Jews in the city.

In related news, Jerusalem police identified and arrested at the end of last week two Arabs who attacked a Jewish car earlier this month, injuring an Israeli baby in the process.

During Jerusalem Day, on May 10, the police received a report of a stone attack in which a 7-month-old baby girl who was traveling with her parents in the a-Tur neighborhood in Jerusalem was injured.

The baby girl was evacuated for medical treatment.

As soon as the report was received, Commander of the Jerusalem district Doron Turgeman assigned the task of locating the terrorists to the district’s central unit.

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Investigators used advanced investigatory methods to identify and locate the suspects. The two, residents of the a-Tur neighborhood in their 20s, were arrested and taken for questioning.

The prosecutor submitted a statement on Thursday to the court by the Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office, which attributes serious violent offenses to the two terrorists.

Their detention was extended until the end of the month for the purpose of preparing and filing the indictment.