Israeli police seize Arab weapons cache hidden next to kindergarten

Israeli police found weapons next to a kindergarten in an Arab village.

By World Israel News Staff

Israeli police seized a weapons cache by a kindergarten in an Arab village north of the city of Haifa.

The weapons included two revolvers, a “Carlo”-style submachine gun, named after the Swedish Carl Gustav due to its similar mechanism, stun grenades, a flash grenade and a large amount of ammunition of assorted calibers, the Israeli Police said.

Police also detained one suspect, 34, from the town.  He will brought to court on Tuesday for a hearing.

Hiding weapons near innocent places, such as kindergartens and schools, appears to be par for the course for Israeli Arabs.

The Jerusalem Post reports that on Monday in another Arab town, police “caught two people in the yard of a residence, near a kindergarten, with a mortar shell and ammunition.”

In March of this year, Israeli police also found arms and ammunition hidden in a kindergarten in another northern Arab town.

In 2013, police found 13 mortars, rifles and ammunition at an Arab school in the Galilee.

In February, 2007, police found a cache that included a grenade near a kindergarten in the Bedouin village of Tuba-Zangariyye in the Upper Galilee.