Israel strikes Syrian targets even after Russian warnings

According to statements from an unnamed Israeli official, Israel has continued to strike targets in Syria, even after Russia issued stern warnings following a downed spy plane in September.

By World Israel News Staff

A senior Israeli official stated that Israel has carried out strikes in Syria even after a Russian military craft was shot down in an incident Moscow blamed on the Jewish state, reported The Algemeiner and Reuters on Monday.

While the Israeli official quoted did not furnish details surrounding Israel’s strikes, he commented, “Military coordination with the Russians continues as before.”

Among the strikes to which the official may have been referring is an attack directed at a shipment of Iranian arms destined for the Hezbollah terror group based in Lebanon, reported Israel’s Channel 1.

Following the September incident, in which Syrian forces bombed a Russian IL-20 aircraft out of the sky near Latakia in an apparent attempt to down Israeli fighter jets that had just struck, Moscow both publicly admonished Israel, and then transferred the S-300 air defense system to brutal dictator Bashar Al-Assad’s regime.

Russia also communicated that it expected Israel to modify its operating procedures with regard to missions in Syria, which target Iran’s creeping military presence in the war-torn nation.

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Israel has consistently identified Iranian military activity in Syria as a red flag that it will not tolerate, launching hundreds of strikes on Syria since 2017 to beat back the Islamic Republic’s advance.