Will Israeli students soon study, visit the Temple Mount?

The topic of the Temple Mount is “swept under the table,” one MK said. 

By World Israel News Staff

The Knesset on Tuesday debated the need to teach students more about the Temple Mount in schools, including having children visit the holy site.

“Find a way to ensure that every student studies and visits the Temple Mount,” said former Knesset Member Yehuda Glick during the session.

The committee discussion was attended by MK Itamar Ben-Gvir and MK Amir Ohana, among others. The group was also addressed by Lt. Col. Nati Gur, who oversees the area for the Israeli Police.

“Schools can go up to the Temple Mount without any exceptional conditions,” Gur clarified after several MKs expressed concern that children had not been on the mount. “The police secure any group that ascends the Temple Mount and there is no need for private security on the Temple Mount. The security guard that accompanies the class can wait for them at the entrance, and guide them afterward through the Muslim Quarter.”

For his part, Ben-Gvir said he believes that the topic of the Temple Mount is “swept under the table” and that most students do not understand that it is as sacred and relevant today as in the past.

”The place of the Temple Mount needs to be understood,” stressed MK Nir Orbach. “Even if there is disagreement on the sides of Jewish law and politics, one should know that the Temple Mount is the holiest place for the Jewish people.

“We flock to the Western Wall, but we should know that it is of a lesser significance than the Temple Mount,” he continued. “There is public confusion and a lack of knowledge on the subject. I hope there will be a change in the education system on the subject of the Temple Mount.”

No conclusion was reached at the end of the meeting.

The Temple Mount has been a point of contention lately, as more Jews have ascended to pray on the mount, which is overseen by the Muslim Waqf.

In 1967, when Israel triumphed over its Muslim enemies and reunited Jerusalem, it also gained control of the Temple Mount. However, it allowed for the Waqf to maintain religious authority over the holy site and the Waqf does not allow Jews to pray there.