Israeli who fought ISIS tried for murder in enemy state

Israel is trying to save the life of a citizen who is being tried for murder in an enemy country.

An Israeli Jew is being held in an enemy country and is being tried for murder.

Israeli media reported on Tuesday the case of Ben Hassin, a 22-year-old Israeli Jew who left the country under false pretenses to visit his grandparents in the Kurdish region of a country that has no diplomatic relations with the Jewish State.

He subsequently enlisted with the Kurdish Peshmerga forces to fight the Islamic State (ISIS) there.

At some point, a local taxi driver discovered he was an Israeli citizen after hearing him speak Hebrew on his cell phone. The driver threatened to expose or to kill Hassin, who in turn shot and murdered the Kurd, later claiming self defense.

Hassin, arrested in 2015, was charged with murder and faces the death penalty. He has since been imprisoned and is set to be sentenced in the near future.

Ynet reported, however,  that an agreement was made with the murdered driver’s family and that Hassin will soon be released.

Member of Knesset (MK) Ayoub Kara exposed the case some two months ago on Facebook. The Israeli authorities had not wanted the story reported at the time and had him remove the post.

Israel’s foreign ministry stated that it is maintaining close contact with Hassin’s family and doing its utmost to save him.

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News