Israelis advised to conceal Jewish identity abroad in new travel warning

Israel issues travel warning for multiple countries including UK, Germany, France, Russia, and Australia

By World Israel News Staff

The Israeli government issued a series of travel warnings Monday, advising Israelis traveling abroad to exercise increased caution, and in some cases, urging Israelis to consider cancelling non-essential travel.

In a statement released Monday afternoon, the National Security Council announced that it has elevated the security threat assessment level for countries in Western Europe, including Britain, France, and Germany, to level 2, advising Israelis travelling to the countries in question to maintain a low profile and to exercise increased caution.

The warning was also issued for Brazil, Argentina, Australia and Russia, the NSC said, while the threat level in South Africa and Eritrea as well as in Central Asia (including Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan) has been raised to level 3.

Israelis are strongly advised to reconsider travel to areas with a level 3 threat assessment.

The NSC warned that Iran and allied terrorist groups have ratcheted up covert operations against Jewish targets around the world.

In addition, the NSC cited the dramatic increase in antisemitic incidents around the world.

“Therefore, the NSC reiterates and underlines its recommendation to weigh the essentiality of travel at this time.”

“For Israeli citizens traveling abroad, we recommend choosing their destinations wisely, while exercising recommended precautionary measures wherever they are, and examining their conduct in light of the recommendations detailed in the NSC website.”

The National Security Council recommended that Israelis who do choose to travel abroad avoid openly displaying “Israeli and Jewish identities and any relevant symbols and, and staying away from Israeli and Jewish gatherings.”