Israel’s corona rate highest in world relative to population, report finds

The Health Ministry reports on Sunday that the number of serious cases is 749. Eight hundred is considered a red line where patient care will begin to deteriorate.

By David Isaac, World Israel News

New statistics published by the IDF’s Coronavirus Task Force finds that Israel’s daily confirmed cases are now the highest in the world relative to the population, website N12 reports on Sunday.

The report also notes a sharp spike in the number of serious cases. It “has increased more than tenfold in the last three months and reflects an authentic increase in morbidity,” the report says.

The Health Ministry reports on Sunday that the number of serious cases is 749. Of those, 196 are on ventilators. Israel’s health officials have warned that 800 serious cases is a red line number signaling that the hospitals’ corona wards are full and the ability to care for patients will decline. The number of serious cases has risen almost every day for the last week.

Another number causing concern is the positive test rate – that is the percentage of individuals tested who are found to be infected. It’s now 13.6%. That’s up from last Tuesday’s 11.2%. The number Israel says it wants to be at is 7%.

Several hospitals reported they have exceeded their capacity and are sending coronavirus patients to other healthcare facilities.

Adding to the pressure on the hospitals, which have shown signs of cracking, is the fact that many hospital staff have come down with corona or are in isolation for being in contact with infected individuals.

The Ministry of Health published the updated numbers on Sunday, showing that the number of medical staff out of commission is now 4,592. Of those, 1,899 are infected with corona.

Israel has imposed a strict two-week lockdown coinciding with the Jewish holidays. However, the Health Ministry’s director general, Hezi Levi, says he’s pessimistic that the closure would end at the designated time.

“I am assuming we will not leave the quarantine immediately after Simchat Torah,” at the end of the Sukkot holiday on October 10, Levi said, adding that schools will “will not be fully resumed” either.