Israel’s government approves new emergency measures to combat Palestinian terror

Israel’s government, searching for effective ways to stem the relentless wave of Palestinian terrorist attacks, approved several emergency measures.  

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News

Israel’s Security Cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, convened late Tuesday night, in wake of several Palestinian terrorist attacks at several locations in the country over the course of the day, to discuss and approve new measures to combat and stem the wave of almost daily Palestinian terrorist attacks.

Chief of Police Roni Alshiech and representatives from the IDF and Shin Bet (Israel’s Security Agency) were present at the emergency meeting.

The first measure approved was the sealing of gaps in the security fence surrounding the Jerusalem area, thus preventing illegal and terror related entries into the capital.

The Cabinet approved an operation to shut down Palestinian media outlets which incite against Israel and Israelis, and call for terrorist attacks. Israel maintains that one of the driving forces behind the wave of terrorist attacks is incitement by the Palestinian leadership and clergy through its state and local media.

The IDF has already conducted in the past months operations against inciting radio stations and printing houses in the Hebron area.

The Cabinet also decided to level more severe punishments against Israeli employers who provide jobs to Palestinians who have entered Israel illegally. All the terrorists who carried out attacks on Tuesday entered Israel without permits, together with thousands of Palestinians who do so on a daily basis, mostly in search of jobs.

Likewise, the Cabinet approved a motion to rescind work permits and cut economic ties with Palestinians with connections to terrorists or terrorism.

Minister of Transportation Israel Katz told Israel’s Channel 2 he will present a bill which will legalize the expelling of the families of Palestinian terrorists to Gaza, in another severe step to deter potential terrorists from carrying out attacks. Israel believes that such a measure, similar to the demolishing of terrorists’ homes, would cause terrorists to refrain from attacking Israelis, knowing that their families would bear the consequences.

Similarly, Israeli security forces carried out several overnight counter-terror raids at several locations in Judea and Samaria. In total, 16 wanted terrorists were arrested, including 12 involved in violent riots.