Israel’s mighty ‘Roar’: IDF introduces new non-lethal crowd control device

The Israel Defense Forces has a new weapon in its arsenal to beat back violent rioters. 

By World Israel News Staff

The IDF has introduced a new form of crowd control, the Sha’aga (or “Roar”), according to the Arutz7 news site.

The device, which looks like a giant bullhorn, uses radio waves to disperse rioters in a non-lethal manner, and was developed in Israel.

Walla! News reporter Amir Bohbut tweeted, “The Americans opposed selling the IDF a non-lethal system against protests based on radio waves. Given that, the [Israel] defense industries developed a technological answer.”

“The soldiers who used the system during the violent demonstrations said that it was very effective,” Arutz7 reports.

On Saturday, tens of thousands of Palestinians rioted near the Israeli border to mark the first anniversary of weekly violent disturbances in the Gaza Strip, with Israeli troops weathering a steady rain of explosives and rocks hurled by rioters. The IDF  also blocked a number of infiltration attempts.