Israel’s UN ambassador blasts Russia for close ties with Iran, hosting Hamas delegation

Russia is now deepening its ties with global forces of destabilization.

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, condemned Russia for tightening its connection with Iran and hosting Hamas terrorists.

He spoke in response to Russia’s ongoing criticism of Israel for its military operation against Hamas.

During a debate at the UN General Assembly in New York, marking the two years since Russia invaded Ukraine, Erdan pointed out, “This week, Russia will be hosting a Hamas delegation in Moscow, and not for the first time.”

He added, “Russia is one of the only places outside of the Middle East where Hamas terrorists and Houthi Jihadists are given the red-carpet treatment, even after October 7.”

“Russia is hosting those who are responsible for intentionally murdering babies, raping women, and burning families alive,” he explained.

“This meeting in Moscow is a result of something more dangerous. Russia is now deepening its ties with global forces of destabilization.”

Erdan’s statements reflect a growing Israeli policy shift on Russia and Ukraine, since previously Israeli officials were striving to maintain a neutral position with connection to both sides.

However, Erdan drew direct parallels between Israel and Ukraine and said both were fighting for their existence.

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“Both of our countries – Ukraine and Israel – are fighting a battle for our survival,” Erdan stated, while “the free world stands on the sidelines divided.”

However, Russia has consistently backed Hamas and Iran and criticized Israel, including the Russian ambassador to the UN demanding Israel be forced into a ceasefire early in the conflict.

Erdan emphasized that Russia’s support of Iran would lead to disastrous consequences, given that Iran has far-reaching connection to terror groups.

“Iran is responsible for the attacks on American service members. Iran is behind the Houthi’s attacks on maritime trade. And it is Iran who supplies Russia with the drones that are attacking Ukrainian civilians,” he said.