Japan TV apologizes for talk show guest wearing Hitler T-shirt 

A guest on a Japanese talk show appeared on air with a Hitler-themed shirt, generating an outcry. 

Japan’s public broadcaster NHK apologized Wednesday regarding a talk-show guest who came on screen wearing a T-shirt with a cartoon of Adolf Hitler’s face printed on it.

The black T-shirt, worn by entrepreneur Takafumi Horie, also carried a “No war” message on one side and a peace symbol on the cartoon Hitler’s chest.

Horie was a guest on NHK’s “Afternoon Live” daily talk show Wednesday.

The T-shirt prompted complaints from viewers.

During the program, the NHK announcer, who is also the show’s co-host, apologized. Responding to a tweet asking about the Hitler cartoon, Horie said it was meant to be an anti-war message.

This was not the first time Hitler and Nazi themes have raised controversy in Japan. Much of Asia is less sensitive about Hitler and the use of Nazi themes than the West.

Last month, Japan’s central bank issued a rare apology following criticism over a board member’s remark that was interpreted as praise for Hitler’s economic policy.

In December, a high school in Taiwan drew harsh criticism after photographs of students in Nazi uniforms surfaced on social media.

The students were dressed as Nazi soldiers, standing in formation and marching and waving swastika flags. Their history teacher was dressed as Adolf Hitler, while another student was seen riding a cardboard tank and performing a Nazi salute.

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By: AP and World Israel News Staff