Jerusalem’s Old City walls glow with Guatemala flags ahead of embassy launch

In appreciation to Guatemala for moving its embassy to Jerusalem, the Old City walls were illuminated with the country’s flags.

By: World Israel News Staff

Ahead of the opening ceremony for the Embassy of Guatemala in Jerusalem on Wednesday morning and in celebration of the dedication of the US Embassy on Tuesday, the Old City walls were illuminated with flags of Guatemala, the US and Israel.

The decorations included a message of appreciation to Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales Cabrera.

“Guatemalan Embassy, welcome home! Ahead of the inauguration of the embassy, we have illuminated the walls of the Old City with the flags of Guatemala and Israel,” Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat stated on Wednesday.

“I thank President Jimmy Morales Cabrera of Guatemala for his courageous decision and am honored that we will be opening the embassy in the capital of Israel tomorrow. I call upon other countries to join the United States and Guatemala – do the right thing and bring your embassies to the Jerusalem, our eternal capital!”

The embassy is located in Jerusalem’s Malha Technological Park.

Morales and his wife Patricia and Foreign Minister Sandra Jovel are in Jerusalem for the occasion. The Guatemala delegation will be hosted at the King David Hotel later in the evening, followed by a dinner with Prime Minister Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu at the prime minister’s residence.

Barkat had also issued a statement of appreciation to US President Donald Trump for bringing the US embassy to Jerusalem, its “rightful home.”

Trump’s “courageous” move will bring a chain reaction, as other countries are now following suit, he said.