Jewish Republicans castigate Biden’s push for Palestinian statehood

Republican Jewish Coalition condemns the Palestinian Authority for refusing to condemn October 7th massacres – and Biden administration for pressuring Israel to accept PA statehood.

By World Israel News Staff

American Jewish conservatives took aim at the Biden administration Tuesday, lambasting the White House’s renewed pressure on Israel to agree to the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Noting the ongoing fighting in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority’s support for terrorism and refusal to condemn the October 7th invasion, the Republican Jewish Coalition’s national chairman, former Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman, and the group’s CEO, Matt Brooks, issued a joint statement accuse the Biden White House of abandoning “America’s proud history of standing with Israel against its deadly enemies.”

“We are deeply troubled by the Biden administration’s growing pressure on Israel to commit to the creation of a Palestinian state,” Brooks and Coleman said in their joint statement.

“Today, Israel is at war against the monstrous terrorists who perpetrated the October 7th atrocities, dozens of Israelis remain captives of Hamas, and no Palestinian faction has condemned the horror that led to the current crisis.”

“In these circumstances, Israelis across the political spectrum are united behind the objectives of eradicating Hamas as a threat to Israel and securing the return of all the hostages.”

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The two RJC leaders cited the Palestinian Authority’s funding for jailed terrorists and the families of slain terrorists as evidence of Ramallah’s unfitness for statehood.

“Let’s be clear: As long as the Palestinian Authority is still rewarding terrorist murderers through its massive ‘pay-for-slay’ subsidies and refusing to condemn the October 7th atrocities, it remains unfit to administer a Palestinian state.”

“We urge members of Congress to use all the tools at their disposal to push back against the Biden administration’s misguided efforts and prevent the nightmare scenario of a terrorist state on Israel’s borders.”

Last week, the Biden administration reiterated its expectation that Israel agree to the establishment of a Palestinian state, while offering “flexibility” in the parameters of Palestinian statehood.

“There are a number of types of two-state solutions,” President Biden told reporters after a telephone call Friday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Israeli government has objected to calls by the Biden administration and European powers following the October 7th invasion pressing for Jerusalem to agree to move forward with the establishment of a Palestinian state.