Kenya arrests Iranian man suspected of plotting terror against Israelis

Kenyan police have arrested an Iranian man, accused of plotting to strike Israeli and Kenyan targets

By World Israel News staff

Kenyan police have arrested an Iranian man under suspicion of planning terror attacks against Kenyan and Israeli targets in Kenya.

The suspect, Mohammed Saeid Golabi, was arrested following a surveillance operation carried out by Kenyan police, which also tracked his associates’ movements.

Golabi was seen visiting the region regularly, and is suspected of having worked with a Kenyan group with terror ties to collect information on potential terror targets, Kenyan daily The Star has reported.

“We have profiled him and his contacts over time. We have enough reason to believe that he has been working with those terror groups,” a senior official with Kenya’s anti-terrorism police unit told The Star.

Kenya has been in a state of heightened security recently, due to a jail break by three inmates from a maximum security prison. The three were intercepted en route to Somalia, where they planned to join terror group Al Shabaab.

Golabi’s arrest also comes just a month after six men were detained by Cyprus police over a suspected plot to assassinate Israeli businessmen living on the island. The men will attend court in December, charged with counts including membership in a criminal organization, possession of firearms and false identification, conspiracy to commit murder, and terrorism.

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In September, following a separate alleged assassination attempt, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett alluded to an ongoing shadow war between Israel and Iran, although Cypriot authorities said they did not believe the Iranian regime was involved in the plot.