Knesset confirms Netanyahu’s pick for state comptroller

Israel’s parliament voted in favor of appointing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s candidate for state comptroller, representing a minor political victory for the embattled leader.

By World Israel News Staff and AP

The Knesset voted 67-48 on Monday in favor of Matanyahu Englman, who currently heads Israel’s Council of Higher Education. Englman was Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s pick for the position.

The vote to select a new state comptroller was one of the final acts by the current Knesset, which was elected in April but voted to dissolve itself last week after Netanyahu failed to form a government.

The comptroller is tasked with supervising government policies and operations and reporting on mismanagement. The post is typically filled with former judges; Englman is the first non-judge to fill the post in decades.

He replaces outgoing comptroller Yosef Shapira and will hold office for seven years.

On Monday afternoon, Netanyahu called Englman and congratulated him on being elected to the position.

“People were impressed by your integrity and professionalism. You will do great work and I am certain that you will work for the good of Israel’s citizens,” the prime minister said.

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