Large-Scale Islamic terror attack thwarted in London

A couple in their 20s was convicted of planning a massive Islamic State terror attack in the UK in commemoration of the London bombings of 2005.

By: AP and World Israel News Staff

A husband and wife interested in helping Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists have been convicted of planning a large-scale bombing of civilian targets in London to mark the 10th anniversary of the July 7, 2005, attacks on the city’s transit system. Carried out by four British Muslim suicide bombers, the attacks killed 52 civilians and injured about another 700.

Mohammed Rehman, 25, and his wife Sana Ahmed Khan, 24, were found guilty Tuesday at the Old Bailey court.

Prosecutor Tony Badenoch said that Rehman wanted to demonstrate his support for ISIS terrorists and that his wife helped him by paying for chemicals purchased on eBay.

The couple, who lived in Reading, 40 miles (65 kilometers) west of London, had a “common interest” in taking violent action against civilians, Badenoch said.

According to the prosecutors, Rehman was only a few days away from finishing work on a bomb capable of causing mass casualties when police moved in on May 28. They say he had been stockpiling a substantial amount of chemicals and had detonated a small practice device in his backyard.

Susan Hemming, head of the Crown Prosecution Service’s counter-terrorism division, said the couple had needed only a detonator to carry out an attack.

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Authorities said he had used the name Silent Bomber to ask Twitter followers to help him choose a target. “Westfield shopping center or London underground? Any advice would be appreciated greatly,” he tweeted.

Rehman was also convicted of possessing an article to be used for terrorist purposes.

The pair will be sentenced later this week.

Earlier this month, an Islamic terrorist stabbed and wounded several people at a London underground station.

On December 3, in California, another young couple, described as devout Muslims, carried out a shooting attack that left 14 dead and injured more than a dozen others. They were killed in a shootout with police.