Most Americans back Israel – but Democrats favor Palestinians

The conflict between older and younger Democrats over support for Israel is likely to become ‘a modern-day Vietnam’ for the party, according to one pollster.

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

According to a Wall Street Journal poll, the majority of Americans back Israel during the current conflict between Israel and Hamas, although younger people and some Democrats are more likely to support Palestinians.

Fifty-five percent of people polled said they believe Israel is taking the appropriate military action against Hamas, although 25% said the Israeli response was disproportionate.

When asked about which side they support, 42% said they support Israel, 12% sided with Palestinians and 33% responded that they support both sides.

Regarding President Biden’s handling of the war, only 37% said they approved and 52% voiced their disapproval.

Sentiments about Israel and the Palestinians in general and the conflict in particular varied according to age and political affiliation.

Only 17% of Democrats said they supported Israel compared to 24% who were pro-Palestinian and 48% replied that they supported both sides.

The vast majority of Republicans, 69% backed Israel compared to just 2% who were on the Palestinian side and 17% who were supportive of both sides.

Among Independents, 35% expressed support for Israel, 11% for the Palestinian side, and 34% were on both sides.

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Although 31% of people aged 18-34 said they supported Israel, the same percentage said they supported both sides and 24% reported they were on the side of the Palestinians. 

However, older Americans expressed much stronger support for Israel with 53% in favor compared to just 6% saying they supported Palestinians and 32% siding with both groups equally.

Commenting on the conflict between younger and older Democrats in support of Israel, Republican pollster Tony Fabrizio, who conducted the survey with Democratic pollster Michael Bocian, said, “There is a schism between younger Democrats and older Democrats in where their sympathies lie.”

He added, “It has the potential to become a modern-day Vietnam for the Democrats.”

Regarding the assistance the US is providing Israel during the war, a quarter of Americans said the US was doing too little, a fifth replied the Biden Administration was doing too much and a third replied the US is doing the right amount.

When asked about how the US is assisting the Palestinians, about 25% replied the US isn’t doing enough, 21% said the government was doing too much and a third replied the assistance was the right amount.