Man who hid from Hamas in gas station fridge — ‘I thought it was over’

‘The terrorist came a few steps in front of the fridge, saw the gray door, and just continued on.’

By World Israel News Staff

On October 7th, Bar Nahmani and a Bedouin co-worker at a gas station at Magen Junction miraculously escaped from Hamas terrorists by hiding in a large refrigerator.

Telling this story of escape to Kan Reshet Bet on Sunday, Nahmani said, “I thought it was over.”

The video making its rounds on the internet showed Bar Nahmani and a coworker peering fearfully out the door of the convenience store as a group of armed terrorists approached the gas station.

Nahmani said, “We tried to escape through all sorts of escape routes, but everything was closed. If you go left or right, they fire at you.”

Suddenly, the pair came up with a plan, although it seemed like a long shot; “The guy beside me showed great courage: He quickly opened the door to the refrigerator room.”

In the video, the terrorists enter the store and start shooting indiscriminately with bullets hitting random items such as cereal boxes.

As they head to the back room, they approach a grey door leading to the room where the men are hiding in the refrigerator.

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The first terrorist opens the door, casually looks around and leaves, followed by another.

Nahmani described the feelings of terror, followed by relief and amazement when he saw that the terrorists didn’t search the room more carefully or open the large refrigerator.

“The terrorist came a few steps in front of the fridge, saw the gray door, and just continued on,” Nahmani said. “We heard conversations in Arabic, the guy who was with me is a Bedouin and he understands the language. He told me they were saying, ‘Where are they? We want to kill them.”

Instead, on the camera, the terrorists can be seen giving up on the notion of finding people hiding and instead looting the store, with one terrorist eating a roll as he carries stolen goods and running off.