‘Mass genocide’ – Black church urges US to end aid to Israel

Israel “trapped 1.6 million desperate Gazans” and is planning “to murder them,” claims prominent Black American church.

By World Israel News Staff

A major Black American church released a statement accusing Israel of “mass genocide” and “torture,” demanding that the U.S. end military and financial aid to the Jewish State during the ongoing conflict with Hamas.

Bishops from the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church, which has some three million members, wrote an open letter on Thursday which blasted Israel for its military actions in the Gaza Strip, with only a passing mention of the Hamas atrocities that sparked the fighting.

Israel has “trapped 1.6 million desperate Palestinians in the southern Gaza city called Rafah. Most of them are women and children,” the letter read.

“They have denied them access to food, water, shelter, and health care. After this torture, they plan to murder them.”

The letter did not acknowledge the Hamas terror group’s ongoing seizure of humanitarian aid, nor the recent incident in which a Gazan teen was shot and killed by Hamas for attempting to take an aid package.

The statement also equated Hamas terror attacks against innocent civilians in southern Israeli communities with Israel’s military campaign in Gaza.

“Since October 7, 2023, in retaliation for the brutal murder of 1,139 Israeli citizens by Hamas, Israel has murdered over 28,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children,” the statement charged, using unconfirmed numbers of casualties from the Hamas-run Gazan Health Ministry.

“The United States is supporting this mass genocide. This must not be allowed to continue,” the letter continued, demanding that Washington cease all military and financial aid to Israel.

Rev. Michael McBride, who leads an AME-affiliated church, told the New York Times that the Israeli government was not taking sufficient measures to avoid civilian casualties.

“It is very clear to us that the approach of Netanyahu and the Israeli forces is to not be concerned about the civilian loss of life, but to at any cost render collective punishment to all the Gazans, and some would even say Palestinians living throughout” Judea and Samaria, said McBride.

The White House has yet to comment publicly on the AME statement.