Morocco, Israel promise to open diplomatic missions in two weeks

The heads of the U.S.-Israeli delegation met with Morocco’s King Mohammed VI.

By World Israel News Staff

Diplomatic missions will be opened in Tel Aviv and Rabat in two weeks. Morocco made the announcement upon the arrival of the first U.S.-Israeli delegation to the country on Tuesday.

Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita broke the news at a press event hosted by Morocco’s King Mohammed VI in Rabat. The king met with the heads of the U.S. and Israeli delegations, Senior Trump Advisor Jared Kushner and National Security Adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat.

During their meeting, which was held in Moroccan Arabic, they discussed the relations being forged between the countries. King Mohammed VI said that he favors deep, full and long-term relations between the two countries.

The two sides signed accords involving aviation, financial systems, visas and water management, Ynet reports.

Kushner told reporters the meetings were “enormously productive.”

“Morocco and Israel are making huge strides on their commitments to resume full diplomatic relations, promote economic cooperation and to reopen their liaison offices very quickly,” he said.

“This trip has captured the imagination of Israel, especially of the over one million Israelis of Moroccan descent,” Kushner said.

Ben-Shabbat, the Israeli representative, is one of those descendants. During the meeting, he said, “Relations with Morocco are especially significant, beyond the diplomatic and economic aspects. Many Israeli citizens, members of the Moroccan community, have longed for this moment. Like myself, many from the second and third generation of olim [immigrants] from Morocco, who live in Israel, uphold – and are continuing – the heritage of our forefathers.”

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Earlier, as the historic flight from Tel Aviv left for Morocco, Ben-Shabbat said, “This is a historic moment for the State of Israel. Today we are advancing and strengthening relations between the countries.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the U.S.-Israeli delegation, “This is a historic flight, another breakthrough for peace, true peace, with mutual respect, from strength, peace for peace.”