‘Nazi, loyal to a dictator’ – Leftists attack journalist who won’t refuse reserve duty

“The amount of poison [from the left-wing] is shocking every time,” wrote the journalist’s fiancée.

By World Israel News Staff

A prominent Israeli newscaster was viciously attacked online and compared to a Nazi after he expressed his intention to continue serving in the IDF reserves.

In recent weeks, left-wing reservists have threatened to cease attending critical training sessions and serving their annual reserve duty due to their opposition to the judicial overhaul.

But Ori Isaac, who presents the nightly news on Channel 12, posted a letter on Twitter from his reserve unit, which stated that its members would continue to fulfill their duties.

“This is a non-political letter. We are reservists in the Sheldag unit… of all different backgrounds and political opinions… but even when some of disagree with the government’s actions, we will continue to serve and protect the safety of citizens of the State of Israel as a brotherhood of warriors.”

The letter also said that the strength of the IDF and its reserves are critical for state security, and must “not be used as a tool of political struggle.”

Isaac posted the text to his account and said he had signed the letter in support, sparking ire from left-wing activists who accused him of being a “brainless Bibi supporter” and “loyal to a dictator.”

Another user said that Isaac was akin to a Nazi, stating that he “will serve under any leader, with no values, like soldiers in some army in the 1930s.”

Some of the attacks were focused on Isaac’s fiancée, Noy Bar, who once dated Avner Netanyahu, the premier’s son. Bar currently serves as the media spokeswoman for Diaspora Minister Amichai Chikli, who is a member of the Likud party.

Users suggested that Bar had commandeered Isaac’s account to post the tweet, while others charged that wrote it because he is “afraid” of her.

On Instagram, Bar responded to the attacks on Isaac, noting that none of the responses had actually addressed the content of the letter.

“You resort to character attacks and smearing a person’s fiancée because you can’t argue with the substance [of the letter.] The amount of poison [from the left-wing] is shocking every time,” she wrote.

“Lucky for me, I’m used to it.”