Netanyahu: Iran responsible for more than 80% of Israeli security concerns

Marking the 25th anniversary of the mass-casualty suicide bombing at Israel’s embassy in Buenos Aires by an Iranian proxy, Netanyahu vowed to keep the Islamic Republic and its agents at bay.

Citing information from a senior security official, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday that at least four fifths of Israel’s security threats come from Iran.

“One of our defense officials estimates that more than 80 percent of our security problems emanate from Iran,” Netanyahu declared.”Since the attack in Argentina, Iran and its proxy Hezbollah created a network of terror.”

The attack mentioned by Netanyahu took place at Israel’s embassy in Buenos Aires on March 17, 1992, when a suicide bomber blew himself up, killing 29 and wounding hundreds. The Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah, which is supported and backed by Iran, had claimed responsibility.

Addressing many bereaved family members at Israel’s Foreign Ministry in marking of the upcoming 25th anniversary of the attack, Netanyahu committed to keeping Iran and its proxies at bay.

“We will forcefully oppose the arming of Hezbollah and dangerous weapons,” Netanyahu stressed. “Our red lines are thick and clear and we do not hesitate to act in order to enforce them.”

“Since the terror attack in Argentina, Israel has grown much stronger,” he stated.

Netanyahu informed his cabinet on Sunday that during his upcoming meeting in Moscow with President Vladimir Putin, he will urge the Russia leader to help ensure that Iran does not open up an additional front against Israel via its proxies in Syria.

By: Jonathan Benedek, World Israel News