Netanyahu leading significantly in coffee cup election poll

Across Israel, coffee drinkers at Cofix branches are being asked to choose a cup with a candidate’s name.

By World Israel News staff

The Cofix chain of coffee shops has launched its own public opinion poll to survey which candidate in the upcoming Knesset election is preferred by its clientele.

Customers asking for coffee are asked to choose a cup with the name of one of the parliamentary hopefuls. You can have a Benjamin Netanyahu cup of coffee, or perhaps you prefer Naftali Bennett, Avi Gabbay, Benny Gantz, or Yair Lapid’s name on your cup. The latter two are both available because this opinion poll was launched last Wednesday, just before the joint Lapid-Gantz list was announced.

According to Cofix, Netanyahu is leading the pack. During the first several days of this campaign, 55% of customers have chosen a Netanyahu cup, with Lapid and Gantz combined receiving only 22% of the coffee vote, according to Cofix.

The polling takes place at all of the chain’s branches around the country.

A tight race is taking place between Bennett, whose cup has attracted 6.68% percent of customers, and Gabbay with a 5.60% showing.

The coffee chain even has statistics broken down by cities, with Netanyahu winning 62% of the cups in Jerusalem and 50% in Tel Aviv. Gantz and Lapid are giving the incumbent prime minister a run for his money in Tel Aviv with a combined 38% of coffee cups.

Cofix says that the coffee poll has drawn the enthusiasm of customers, and the company believes that their survey represents the true mood of voters, at least the ones who drink coffee.