Netanyahu rejected plans to eliminate Hamas chief six times: report

Benjamin Netanyahu has denied report that he torpedoed plans to kill Hamas chief Yahya Sinwar.

By World Israel News Staff

According to a recent report, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was presented with and rejected to assassinate Hamas chief Yahya Sinwar on six separate occasions.

Conversations with various security establishment figures reveal that these weren’t theoretical plans to kill the mastermind behind the October 7th massacres, but were detailed and actionable.

Benjamin Netanyahu, however, has denied the report.

Assassinating Sinwar would have been less complicated since he regularly appears in public in contrast to Hezbollah leader Nasrallah, who is reclusive.

The plans were presented to Netanyahu by the heads of Shin Bet: Yoram Cohen, Nadav Argaman, and the current head, Ronen Bar, during their tenures.

Amid these detailed plans, there were contingency plans to strike other Hamas leaders in Gaza.

Yoram Cohen described that, during his tenure at Shin Bet, he suggested an “airlift operation” that would be focused on all of the Hamas leaders.

If Netanyahu did indeed reject these plans, it marks a pattern of omissions that might have made Israel vulnerable to the eventual attack that occurred on October 7th.

Hamas had increased its military readiness by 100% in just a year and doubled its commando forces.

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Additionally, Unit 8200, comprised of mainly female “lookouts” who were tasked with monitoring the border with Gaza, repeatedly warned commanders about suspicious activity, but their reports and cautions were dismissed or ignored.

Avigdor Liberman, former defense minister and leader of Yisrael Beytenu, commented on the report and Netanyahu’s denial.

“Netanyahu can continue to deny it as much as he wants. He’s the one who granted immunity to Yahya and the leaders of Hamas, preventing any attempts to neutralize them.”

“I’m stating this not as mere speculation but as someone with personal knowledge of the matter.”