Netanyahu teases ‘surprising plans’ for war against Hezbollah

Israeli prime minister hints at new IDF operation against terrorists in southern Lebanon, as Hezbollah ignores Israel’s demands to withdraw from frontier.

By World Israel News Staff

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hinted Thursday at a new IDF operation targeting Hezbollah terrorists in southern Lebanon.

Netanyahu visited the IDF’s Northern Command Headquarters Thursday, where he received an operational briefing from the head of Northern Command, Maj.-Gen. Ori Gordin, on the wide-ranging offensive and defensive activity in the sector.

The Prime Minister also spoke with Gordin and divisional commanders on the detailed operational plans in the sector and efforts to restore the residents of the north to their homes with security.

Tens of thousands of residents from northern Israel remain evacuated, seven months into the current conflict with Hezbollah.

“We are constantly in action on the northern front. As of now we have eliminated hundreds of Hezbollah terrorists and we are still poised – even today,” Netanyahu said following the briefing with Maj.-Gen. Gordin, referencing the Israeli military’s “surprising plans” for the Lebanese front.

“I just received a briefing from the head of Northern Command and I also spoke with the division commanders. We have detailed, important, and even surprising plans.”

“But I will not share these plans – which are designed to do two things, 1) to restore security to the north, and 2) to restore the residents safely to their homes – with the enemy. We are determined to achieve both of them together.”

For months, Israel has demanded Hezbollah forces withdraw from the Israeli border and redeploy northern of the buffer zone extending from the Israel-Lebanon frontier to the Litani river.

Israeli leaders have warned that Hezbollah’s refusal to do so would likely force the IDF to carry out a ground operation in southern Lebanon to push back the terrorist group away from the frontier.