Netanyahu to Ultra-Orthodox Recruits: ‘Together, with God’s help, we will wipe out Hamas’

Israeli premier lauds ultra-Orthodox men volunteering for army duty, vows Israel will defeat and ‘wipe out’ Hamas.

By David Rosenberg, World Israel News

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with ultra-Orthodox (haredi) army volunteers Sunday, days after the IDF resumed its combat operations against terrorists in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu met recruits Sunday at the IDF’s Tel HaShomer induction center in central Israel.

During his visit, the premier spoke with a group of ultra-Orthodox men who enlisted in the army, despite many being old enough to be exempt from mandatory service.

Netanyahu lauded the new recruits, noting that many enlisted despite already being married and having children.

“What you are doing is very important. This is bringing people together. The data that I have received show a huge jump of many hundreds of percent.”

The prime minister vowed to the new recruits that Israel would “wipe out” Hamas during the current war.

“This is very important and it is great encouragement to the sense of ‘together’. We are going to do something here – defeat our enemies, and wipe out this intolerable enemy. Your enlistment stems from the inner conviction that each and every one of you needs to take action.”

“I want to commend you and really welcome you with a big hug. I think that each one of you will discover where he can contribute the most.”

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“You are now entering as young recruits. and even though you may be 40 years old and have five children, you have come here to enlist with a yarmulke on your head; that says everything.”

“With God’s help, you will discover many possibilities here, many capabilities that you did not think you had. This is enlisting for the common good, and who but you know this. I would like to welcome you and tell you well done, and with God’s help, together we will win. Thank you.”