Netanyahu to urge Trump to scrap Iran nuclear deal

In a private meeting ahead of their respective UN addresses, Netanyahu is expected to lobby Trump take a new direction in Washington’s approach to the Iranian nuclear agreement.

When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sits down with US President Donald Trump on Monday at the sidelines of the UN General Assembly (GA), the Iranian nuclear deal will reportedly remain the focus of their discussion. The Israeli leader will also address the GA on Tuesday, with Iranian encroachment along Israel’s northern borders a central issue on his agenda.

The thrust of Netanyahu’s private discussion with Trump will be persuading the American president to either significantly alter or completely discard the Iran agreement. Netanyahu is expected to demand that the US impose upon Iran a stricter sanctions regime, heightened nuclear program supervision, extension of the ban on weapons-grade uranium enrichment beyond the current 10-year bar, destruction of advanced centrifuges, elimination of the long-range missile program, and a commitment to discontinue terror funding for Hezbollah and Hamas, reported Ynet.

With regard to the Iranian military presence on Israel’s northern border, Netanyahu warned that the Jewish state would “not tolerate” the “threat not only to us, but also to our Arab neighbors,” according to Israel Hayom. “I think that today, Israel’s warnings are being taken seriously, as they should be,” Netanyahu cautioned.

A White House official confirmed to Israel Hayom that the Trump meeting “will touch on a variety of issues with a focus on Iran,” noting that “the president will reiterate the U.S.’s unwavering commitment to the State of Israel.”

With regard to Netanyahu’s formal address before the GA on Tuesday, it is anticipated that the prime minister will attack the Iran deal as a dangerous gamble with a state sponsor of terror whose influence is growing in Syria.

By: World Israel News Staff