Netanyahu: We will kill Sinwar, just like we killed Haman in Purim story

“Just like in ancient times, just like our brethren, we too must unite, fight and win,” said Netanyahu.

By World Israel News Staff

During a visit with border guards from the Military Police Corps on Sunday evening, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu drew parallels between the biblical story of Purim and current tensions, vowing to eliminate Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar akin to the demise of Haman.

“It is impossible to defeat the sheer evil by leaving it intact in Rafah,” Netanyahu said, referencing Hamas’ last remaining stronghold in the Gaza Strip.

“As in ancient times, like our brothers, we are also united. We are fighting and will be victorious. We will enter Rafah and achieve total victory. We eliminated Haman, and we will also eliminate Sinwar.”

The Netanyahu government has vowed to conduct a ground operation in Rafah, a city on the Gaza-Egypt border which has become home to over one million internally displaced Gazans, despite the objections of the Biden administration.

“Today we mark the holiday of Purim,”, Netanyahu. “More than 2,000 years ago in ancient Persia, an antisemitic enemy arose, the wicked Haman, who sought to wipe the Jewish people off the face of the Earth. The Jews stood up, united together, fought and won a total victory.”

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“Today in modern Persia, there is a new enemy – the Iranian regime, which seeks to destroy the state of the Jews. We have already seen what Hamas, one of this enemy’s proxies, did on October 7, which President Biden also called sheer evil.”

Netanyahu’s statements come in the wake of warnings from Vice President Kamala Harris, who reiterated the Biden administration’s warnings against a large-scale military operation in Rafah.

Harris hinted that the Biden administration may take punitive actions against Israel if the warning is ignored.