New IDF drone disperses violent protests without endangering soldiers

The “Offensive Drone” can target rock- and bomb-throwers with tear gas with pinpoint accuracy.

By Batya Jerenberg, World Israel News

The Israeli army publicly revealed its newest tool for dealing with violent protestors Thursday – a drone that can drop tear gas from the sky.

It has already had its “baptism of fire” in recent weeks during violent clashes at the Gaza border fence – with great success, according to the IDF.

The drone can fly extremely quickly for a distance of half a kilometer, hover 100 meters over the exact location of a group of rioters and send down various means of riot-dispersal – mainly tear gas– without endangering soldiers’ lives.

Until now, they had to come within the range of the rock- or fire-bomb throwers in order to shoot gas canisters at them with specially equipped rifles.

The drone is safe, too, as “No rock can reach that high,” explains Major A., the liaison officer of the Benjamin Brigade. He was one of the project leaders who developed the device together with the Military Research and Development Administration over the past year.

As the drone’s efficacy quickly proved itself, it has already been distributed to forces in Judea and Samaria, including the Benjamin Brigade, which regularly patrols the latter.

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“In recent weeks, the tool has also taken a significant part in the campaign against disturbances in our region,” Major A. continued, adding that it has also already prevented riots from occurring in the first place.

“The moment they see the drone coming in their direction, they run away,” he said.

The drone could also be adapted for other uses, such as gathering intelligence and dropping leaflets in order to counter the incitement to terrorism that occurs in many Palestinian areas, whether in Gaza or Judea and Samaria.

“The drone’s success shows that it will be a significant force-multiplier for us against terrorism in this sector in the long term as well,” the major concluded.