New IDF program could put nurses behind enemy lines

The IDF is set to launch a program in October that will place nurses with doctors behind enemy lines.

By: World Israel News Staff

The Israeli military is preparing to initiate a pilot program this fall to supplement its medical ranks with nurses, who will join doctors and paramedics providing care at the battle front, reported the Jerusalem Post.

Jointly funded by Israel’s Health Ministry and the IDF, the program consists of a three year course of study, after which nurses will be placed in front line battalions and could even be called upon to provide care behind enemy lines.

According to a senior officer in the IDF Technology and Logistics Division quoted by the Post, the program will allow doctors to devote their time and resources to life-saving procedures and tasks, instead of more basic functions such as monitoring vital signs, setting up intravenous lines and wound care.

The IDF is also working to improve medical evacuation protocols, which the army hopes will decrease preventable deaths.

With preventable blood loss resulting in the death of 83% of soldiers within an hour of being wounded, the need for advances in injured soldier evacuation procedures during war is pressing.

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Among the steps the IDF is taking to address the issue is a new initiative to issue two armored combat vehicles to each battalion, specifically for evacuations, in addition to the creation of a new company to return injured soldiers to Israeli territory for immediate intensive medical care prior to evacuation for more advanced treatment.

Other medical advances the IDF hopes will improve prospects for injured soldiers include dry plasma to which water can be added to create blood for battlefield transfusions and a drone to drop medical equipment or medicine behind enemy lines, which is still in the planning stages.