Nikki Haley says ‘no room for moral confusion’ over Israel’s war against Hamas

The former UN Ambassador was harshly critical of ‘some Americans and Europeans who say Israel is the enemy.’

By World Israel News Staff

Former governor of South Carolina, Ambassador to the United Nations, and current US Presidential candidate Nikki Haley posted on X that there was “no room for moral confusion” about the Gaza conflict and that the Israel-Hamas war was a “battle between good and evil and good will prevail.”

Following the pro-Israel rally in Washington DC which attracted 290,000 demonstrators, Haley posted several tweets on X in support of Israel.

In one post, Haley wrote:
“Today, ~300K people marched in DC in support of Israel & against antisemitism.

No one was assaulted. Nothing vandalized. No one hiding behind masks. Lots of American flags. A stark contrast w/ the pro-Hamas protestors.

This is a fight between good & evil, & good will prevail.”

Amid broad criticism of Israel for civilian deaths in Gaza, Haley sought to clarify the issue by describing Hamas’ tactic of using Gazans as human shields:

Haley posted, “Israel goes to great lengths to protect civilians, while the terrorists deliberately put innocent Palestinians in harm’s way, using them as human shields and abusing their deaths for propaganda.”

In another post, Haley wrote:
“It’s bad enough to hear statements of equivocation about Israel and Hamas. It’s far worse to hear some Americans and Europeans say Israel is the enemy. In a battle between good and evil, there is no room for such moral confusion.”

Reactions to Haley’s posts included those who supported her statements as well as harsh critics. Many sarcastically asked if Haley was running for “president (sic) of Israel” rather than the United States.

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Haley is currently in second place behind Donald Trump to be the Republican candidate in the 2024 presidential election. Although she distantly trails Donald Trump’s 49% at just 18%, she is currently outperforming all other candidates in the primary.