Not Just Tucker Carlson: Conservative pundits blast Ben Shapiro, accuse Israel of ‘war crimes’

Conservative American pundit-comedians The Hodgetwins take aim at Israel and pro-Israel conservatives, defending Tucker Carlson’s recent comments.

By World Israel News Staff

A pair of conservative online pundits are taking aim at conservative commentator Ben Shapiro and other pro-Israel conservatives, while defending former Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s recent controversial comments.

Brothers Keith and Kevin Hodge, known online as The Hodgetwins, accused Shapiro of disloyalty to the United States and “bias” regarding the current war between Israel and Hamas.

In a video posted on Youtube Wednesday, the twins defended Carlson, after the former Fox News host came under fire for his criticism of Shapiro and other American supporters of Israel.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman and right-leaning online personality Dave Rubin both chastised Carlson for his comments.

“My friend @benshapiro is an American patriot who cares deeply about our country,” Friedman tweeted. “Anyone who has listened to him over the past 22 years knows that. He wakes up every morning thinking about how he can advance American security and prosperity.”

Rubin called Carlson’s comments “a seriously low-I.Q. take” and “dishonest.”

“You’ve got to do a little bit better than that.”

The Hodgetwins, however – whose Youtube channel has nearly 2.7 million subscribers – lauded Carlson, while accusing Shapiro of not being loyal to the U.S. and claiming Israel is guilty of war crimes in the conflict with the Hamas terror organization.

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“Tucker got interviewed and gave his point of view regarding conservatives pushing for this war in Jew-land,” said Keith Hodge.

“How can I care about my family if I’m at the casino playing Blackjack and losing all my money,” Kevin Hodge asked.

“It just means they are a horrible husband,” Keith responded. “I don’t think Ben hates the country; he has a huge bias because he’s a Jew, and Jews have a really hard time on this issue: kill everybody: who looks like me.”

“Over 20,000 people have been killed in Hamas [sic],” Keith continued. “You think all of those people is [sic] Hamas? If it was, they got a huge army.”

“If we sending all of our money over to Israel to fund a conflict, it does damage here in our country, when we have people coming here illegally,” Kevin said.

“It also demonstrates where Ben’s loyalty lies,” responded Keith. “With Israel, not America.”

Kevin criticized American conservative backers of Israel, calling their support for the Jewish state a “contradiction.”

“We don’t care nothing about the Russia conflict with Ukraine: We shouldn’t fund it…but automatically when we’re talking about the Jews in Jew-land: ‘fund it, and take out all those people no matter how many innocent grandmas, children there are.”

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The brothers also accused Israel of “war crimes” in the war on Hamas.

“It’s war crime, really,” Kevin said, claiming “the Jews” of stole “everything” from the Palestinians.

“The Jews took everything from them,” said Kevin, with Keith responding: “And we [sic] funding them to fight somebody who doesn’t even have an army.”

“Everything Israel got is from us: military, army, nukes. We never gave anything to Palestine.”

In fact, the U.S. has given billions of dollars in aid to the Palestinian Authority, averaging about $600 per year.

Israel’s military nuclear program, pursued with assistance from the de Gaulle government in France, was strongly opposed by the United States.