Palestinian baby gets life-saving heart transplant from Israeli child

A Palestinian baby received a heart transplant at Tel Aviv’s Sheba Medical Center just hours after the Jewish donor’s parents agreed to donate the organ.

By World Israel News Staff

While political and military battles in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict rage on outside the gates of Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv, a Palestinian baby named Musa received a potentially lifesaving gift from a Jewish Israeli child who passed away recently.

Indeed, Musa is the first Palestinian baby to get a heart transplant from a Jewish child, reported JTA based on a statement released by Dr. David Mishaly, chief surgeon at the Sheba Medical Center’s Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery Unit.

One-year-old Musa remains in critical condition after the operation, but his chances of survival have increased exponentially after the remarkable surgery.

Mishaly described “several miracles associated with this complicated surgery,” including the fact that Musa arrived at Sheba Hospital just a few hours after the Jewish child’s parents agreed to donate the heart. With no other recipients waiting, Musa was prepared for the transplant surgery and received the organ.

Mishaly described his institution as “an island, an oasis of peace, where healing is the priority and everyone, regardless of who [the patient is] they are treated equally, with dignity and respect.”

Musa’s grandmother, for her part, declared in a statement that her family wants to to meet the donor’s family to “thank them for their generosity,” reported JTA.