Palestinian carrying Quran and knives caught on way to attack Jews

An alert and brave Israeli citizen took down a Palestinian who was on his way to commit a terror attack. 

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News

Israeli security forces on Thursday arrested a Palestinian who was found carrying two knives and a Quran outside an Israeli community in Judea, apparently on his way to commit an attack.

A firefighter at Kochav Yaakov noticed a suspicious figure outside the entrance of the community and alerted security forces.

The firefighter, Gal Muati, recounted how he was on his way home after a shift when he noticed the suspicious-looking Palestinian lingering outside the entrance to the community. Muati tried to engage him in conversation, but the Palestinian refused to look at him, yelled “Palestine, Palestine,” and began to flee.

Muati extracted his firearm and began chasing the suspect. After catching up with him, he ordered him to get down on his knees, and he and another civilian guarded the suspect until police arrived at the scene.

Two large knives and a Quran were found to be in his possession – the tools of a Muslim terrorist en route to an attack.

The would-be-terrorist claimed during initial questioning that he intended to pass the weapons over to another individual. He was arrested by police.

In related news, IDF forces carried out counter-terrorism operations throughout Judea and Samaria on Wednesday night and arrested 10 Palestinian terror suspects.