Palestinian mob nearly lynches three Israeli teens

Palestinians claim boys tried to torch a local factory; parents say teens merely took an ill-advised shortcut.

By World Israel News Staff

Three Jewish teenagers were attacked by a Palestinian mob in the northern Samarian village  on Wednesday night.

According to the parents, the boys tried to take an ill-advised shortcut through the Palestinian village of Jamma’in during the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha. They said they were chased out of Jamma’in, and the Palestinians caught up with them at an intersection near Hawara.

The Palestinians claimed the three tried to torch a Hawara stone factory in a “price tag” arson attack.

The Israeli Police confirmed receiving reports of a factory being targeted by arsonists that night and that the suspects were attacked by Palestinians when they tried to flee.

Amid fears the boys had been abducted, Israeli security forces searched all night. Two of the boys showed up at the police station in Ariel with their parents after spending the night hiding on a hill outside the Yitzhar settlement.

The third boy, who was injured in the attack, was taken to Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tikva for treatment.

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Honenu, an organization that provides legal aid to settlers, is assisting the boys.