Paraglider terror: Israeli communities on alert for aerial invasion

“We have to change our outlook immediately and prepare for an aerial incursion,” says community leader.

By World Israel News Staff

After terrorists infiltrated Israel from the Gaza Strip on October 7th via paragliders, local leaders are raising the alarm regarding a repeat of that scenario from Palestinian Authority-controlled areas in Judea and Samaria.

“Today, it is completely clear that there isn’t just a threat of a land invasion by terrorists, but also one from the air,” said Sharon Turgeman, chairman of the Hinneni Forum, told Israel Hayom.

Turgeman said that terrorists now have unprecedented access to “cheap and simple” tools like motorized paragliders and explosive UAVs and drones, which they can utilize for attacks against civilian communities in central Israel.

The threat is especially prescient for the Sharon region, which borders the Green Line and security barrier.

In past incidents, terrorists from PA-administered areas have launched shooting attacks at communities in pre-1967 Israel that are adjacent to the seam line.

“A terrorist can take off with a motorized paraglider from [the PA city] Qalqiliya and land within minutes in Tzur Yigal or Kfar Saba,” Turgeman noted.

“The same thing can happen with infiltration from Tulkarem to Bat Hefer and Netanya, or from Jenin to nearby communities.”

He warned against the sense of complacency which was a major contributor to the October 7th massacres.

“We have to change our outlook immediately and prepare for an aerial incursion like this one, or the infiltration of a drone carrying explosives.”

Last week, local authorities in Kadima-Tzoran, a town in the Sharon area just a few miles from the terror hotbed of Tulkarem, took the initiative to install a radar system aimed at detecting aerial threats.

“The security of our community and residents is above all else,” said Keren Green, head of the town council.

“I am not waiting for the state and the police to bolster the security they are supposed to provide.”