Pew: Americans worry more about international terror than unemployment

Democrats are more concerned about domestic terrorism, while Republicans worry more about international terror.


Both domestic and international terrorism ranked low on a list of things that concern Americans in a recent Pew Research Center report. But more Americans said domestic (34%) and international (30%) terrorism are a very big problem today than believed that unemployment (24%) was a great concern.

Democrats and those who lean Left were likelier than Republicans and those who lean Right to be concerned about domestic terror (41% to 25%), while those numbers flipped, more or less, when it comes to international terrorism, with 36% of Republicans saying it’s a very big problem, compared to just 23% of Democrats.

Overall, respondents found other issues much more concerning, including inflation (65%), healthcare affordability (64%), the ability for parties to work together across the aisle (62%), drug addiction (61%), gun violence (60%) and violent crime (59%).

Some of those concerns also divided along partisan lines, with more Democrats than Republicans expressing grave concern about healthcare costs (73% to 54%) and gun violence (81% to 38%), while Republicans were more concerned than Democrats about inflation (77% to 52%), drug addiction (64% to 56%) and violent crime (64% to 52%).

Republicans also worried much more about the federal budget deficit (72% to 39%), state of moral values (69% to 39%) and illegal immigration (70% to 25%), while Democrats were much more concerned about climate change (64% to 14%) and racism (55% to 14%).

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